Spring break is just around the corner, and that could look like anything from relaxing on the beach to partying the night away. It’s also not uncommon to get out of town for that short week in spring and get a nice, brief change of scenery. However, anything could happen to your home while you’re away, so you want to ensure your home stays as safe as possible during your holiday. Here are five of the most important holiday home security tips so you can return to everything being in the same place as before. 

1. Wait Until You Return Home To Post On Social Media 

It can feel exciting to post about your adventures as they happen on social media and let your online friends enjoy your experiences alongside you. However, some people take advantage of social media status updates to scout your home for potential burglary. Even with all of the privacy settings at your disposal, you never really know who is checking out your social media posts at any given time. For this reason, you should wait until you return home to post about your vacation on social media. You’ll have an organized compilation of your vacation highlights to share upon your return while successfully following this first of four holiday home security tips. 

2. Keep Any And All Valuables Locked

Before departing for your holiday vacation, ensure valuable items such as expensive jewelry or important legal documents are safely stored and locked securely in a safe or another compartment. The last thing you want to happen in your absence is for someone to take advantage of these important items being out in the open and easily accessible. You should be able to rest easy on holiday, knowing that your valuables are in a safe place. 

3. Have Someone You Trust Check On Your House 

Another one of our holiday home security tips is to ask someone you trust to check on your house once or twice a day while you’re on vacation. This can be a friend, family member, or neighbor. If you have pets, then you also ask this person to check on your pets in addition to making sure any and all mail is brought into the house. You want your pets to be safe and healthy when you return and to be able to read all your mail when you get back. 

4. Make Your Home Look Occupied 

Keeping up the illusion that someone is occupying your home while you’re away is a great way to deter any potential break-in attempts. You can make your home look occupied by keeping at least one car visibly parked in the driveway. Additionally, you can make sure that whoever is watching your house keeps the lights on at night, so it appears as if someone is staying there. 

5. Set Your Alarms 

The last of our holiday home security tips is to ensure that all of your alarms are set the moment you lock the door behind you. Check that all of your home alarms are set before you lock the door behind you. Only the person you trust to look after your home should know how to turn them off and on again so that if someone is trying to break in, the alarm can go off at the appropriate time. 

holiday home security tips

Enhance Your Home Security When You’re Away From Home!

By following all five of these holiday home security tips, you will be able to keep your home safe while you relax on your much-needed vacation. Of course, these are just five holiday home security tips out of many more. If you want to really ensure that your home will be safe when you go out of town, hire a locksmith to take a look at your locks and security system. Contact us today at ASAP Locksmith so you can know your home is safe while you enjoy your spring break.