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During the day, you can admire the intricacies of the unique architecture. At night, colorful lights pop up all over the city, lining the tallest buildings, making storefronts glow, and dazzling passersby.

But what we love most about Texas City are the fun activities and festivals every month. Holidays are always celebrated extravagantly by residents and business owners. During the summer, fireworks burst to life in the sky for the Fourth of July.

When fall arrives, it’s time to bring kids and parents together for free candy and fun community gatherings. As the weather gets colder, the city’s inhabitants find unique ways to celebrate winter and Christmas. Yes, there’s no doubt about it.

Texas City is a wonderful place. That’s why the team at ASAP Locksmith Texas City is always excited to get a service call from one of the residents. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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About ASAP Locksmith Texas City

ASAP Locksmith’s main headquarters can be found in Houston, Texas. We provide locksmith services for our local community as well as surrounding areas, including Texas City. Our team believes that every inhabitant of the state deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their homes, so it’s our goal to provide the best residential locksmith Texas City and beyond.

Unfortunately, many locksmiths in Texas do not care for residents as we do. Their goal is to turn a quick profit, not necessarily secure homes against thieves and other home invaders. Some locksmiths don’t even get the certifications necessary to operate legally in the state! Others are scammers that lack any training at all. That’s not the case with us. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our team is happy to provide proof of their credentials if you need extra reassurance.

How We Can Keep Your Home Safe

Locksmiths have special training and education that allows them to identify weaknesses in security and reinforce them. We can tell if your entry points (doors, windows, etc.) are vulnerable to burglars and other criminals. Then we can suggest and implement security measures to reduce the likelihood of a break-in.

But locksmiths aren’t just useful for their services. Their knowledge is helpful as well. Because security is our specialty, we know what burglars look for when casing a home and how to make your property less attractive to them. Here are some ways we might suggest you prevent burglars from choosing your home as a target:

Don’t Keep Spare Keys Outside

Far too many people keep spare keys where anyone could find them. Common places homeowners store spare keys are under a welcome mat, on top of a doorframe, in a potted plant, and inside of a mailbox.

None of these locations are appropriate places for spare keys, and burglars will find them within a few minutes. Those hollow rocks and statues that have become popular are not effective either and are easily identifiable.

If you must keep a spare key, we suggest getting a lockbox. Lockboxes are inexpensive, and they are more secure because you have to know a code to get access to the key. Burglars operate by speed. They won’t take the time to crack the code.

Trim Back Trees

You might love that tall tree outside of your bedroom window that stretches its branches all the way to the glass. It’s beautiful, and you get to see birds perched on it during the summer.

Perhaps you even enjoy the gentle tapping at the glass when a breeze blows by, as it helps lull you to sleep. But unfortunately, tall trees that allow access to your roof and windows are an attraction for burglars.

If they can shimmy up the tree and get out of sight up high, they will. It’s best to keep your trees trimmed to ensure no one can climb along a branch and gain access to your home.

Get Strong Doors

Some burglars might not bother trying to pick or bump a lock. Instead, they may try to kick down your door. They’re most likely to do this if you have doors that are noticeably flimsy or old. To prevent this from happening, purchase a strong door. We suggest ones made from steel, as they are both durable and attractive.

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It’s important to keep your home safe. Burglaries can happen at any time and in any place. Whether you live in a rural community or a big city, you should always take the necessary precautions to secure your home against invaders. The team at ASAP Locksmith Texas City is ready to help. Contact us today for the best residential locksmith services in Texas City!