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Richmond was officially founded in 1836 by Robert Handy and William Lusk. These two business partners named the city after Richmond, England. By 1851, it had grown into a sizeable town with its own church, courthouse, and two stores. In 1855, a railroad extended into the town, establishing its future success.

With the railroad in place, cotton plantations were able to ship their goods for sale. When the Civil War swept through the country from 1861–1865, Richmond stayed safe and relatively untouched by the conflict. When the war ended, Richmond continued to grow and prosper.

Today, Richmond is a charming, family-oriented city with active residents. Residents and visitors alike can admire the city’s beautiful architecture and gorgeous homes. There is always something to look forward to in Richmond, such as food trucks, farmers’ markets, and fairs.

As you can see, we love the city of Richmond. Whenever we receive a call from a resident or business owner, we’re excited for an excuse to visit. It’s one of our greatest pleasures to visit.

Locksmith Richmond Texas

About ASAP Locksmith

Our company is located in Houston. We serve this city and much of the surrounding areas. We are a full-scale locksmithing company that offers commercial, residential, and automotive services. It’s our goal to create safe and secure homes for our local community. Our locksmiths are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Locksmithing is our passion, and we provide top-notch work for every service.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:


Rekeying can be done for homes, vehicles, and businesses.

This service is appropriate if you have noticed signs of tampering with your locks, lost a key, or had a keyholder or renter leave your property.

You could also replace your locks in these situations, but rekeying is cheaper and easier.

Lock Repair

Are your locks on their last legs? We can help. Like everything, locks experience wear and tear after a time.

When this wear and tear becomes obvious damage, it’s time to take action.

If you don’t, a burglar will notice there is a weak spot in your home’s security and take advantage of it.

Broken Key Extraction

After heavy use, keys become brittle. And as locks age, they become stiff. The combination of these two things results in key breakages while locking your door or starting the ignition of your car.

When a key breaks inside of the lock, there isn’t anything you can do to get it out without causing more damage. Instead, you’ll need to call ASAP Locksmith.

We have special tools that allow us to extract broken keys without damaging locks.

Access Control System Installation

Looking for a way to upgrade your business’s security that goes beyond a traditional lock and key system? We’ve got something for you.

Access control systems use elements such as keypads, keycards, and biometric scanners to ensure only authorized individuals can enter your property.

When paired with a lock and key system, access control gives you an extra layer of security and peace of mind. We can install an access control system for you!

Emergency Lockout Assistance

No one is perfect. It’s easy to lose your keys or lock them inside of a vehicle, business, or home.

When this happens, there’s no need to panic, whether it’s late or night or early in the morning. Our 24/7 team of technicians is always available for emergency lockout assistance. We’ll get to your location quickly and ensure your lockout doesn’t last long.

Get the Best Locksmith Services in Richmond!

As you can see, there are many ways the ASAP Locksmith team can help you. We pride ourselves on the versatility of our services and our ability to keep residents, entrepreneurs, and vehicle owners safe. If you want the best locksmith services in Richmond, reach out to our team today. We would love to hear from you!