If you are a commercial property owner, you may be curious about how do master keys work? Before we can detail how master keys work, we have to explain to you the parts of a key and a lock. In general, a master key is considered any key that opens up two more different locks. These types of keys only work with pin tumbler locks, which are the most common type of locks in the world.

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How do Master Keys Work?

We need to outline a pin tumbler lock’s parts before we can explain how a master key works. Below, you will find the parts of a pin tumbler lock:

  • Lock Cylinder: The lock cylinder is the circular portion of the lock where you insert the key.
  • Pins: Within the cylinder, you have two different sets of pins that sit on top of each other. The bottom set of pins are what the key notches touch. The pins above those are what should align with the shear line.
  • Shear Line: The shear line is the line the goes through the cylinder. In order for the key to turn the lock, the notches must make the top set of pins level with the shear line.
  • Key Notches: The key notches are the jagged edges of the key you insert into the lock cylinder.

Pin Tumber Lock Process

A Master key works with a third set of pins known as master wafers.

Master wafers are the third set of pins in the lock that create a second shear line in the cylinder. The first shear line is found above the cylinder, while the second is within the cylinder. The notches on the key will push the wafers up to the necessary level and allow the key to turn the cylinder. Pin tumbler locks can have any number of master wafers that are necessary.

Benefits of Master Keys

Master keys benefit businesses in two primary ways: convenience and control. Master key systems are very common among schools, universities, office buildings, event venues, and more. Essentially, master key systems have become a staple for commercial clients.

Convenience is the best benefit of a master key system because it eliminates the need to carry around so many keys. A building could have ten different floors, with each room having a different key. It is best for management to have a single key rather than a large ring of so many keys.

By cutting down to one key, you can save money or key product costs, and you are less likely to lose it. In addition to convenience, you have control. By reducing the number of keys for distribution and limiting your employees’ access, you can maintain a safer and more secure business.

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