Do you wish there was a more convenient way to keep your property or personal items safe? Are you tired of wasting your time shuffling through a myriad of keys to find the one that matches the right door? Do you believe it would be nice to sleep at night knowing that an intruder won’t be able to pick a lock to get into your home so easily? Thanks to biometric lock systems, these problems can be solved. If biometric lock systems sound like an appealing option, you should take time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of installing this system for your home or business.

Pros of Biometric Lock Systems

Weighing the pros and cons of biometric lock systems will allow you to determine whether this type of security measure makes sense for your home or business. The major pros of biometric lock systems include the following:

Enhanced Security

Right off the bat, the main benefit of having a biometric lock system is that it significantly boosts your property’s security. You can say goodbye to worries about lockpicking and breaking since a biometric system only recognizes unique physical traits when authenticating access. This protection is especially strong with biometric systems that use measures other than or in addition to fingerprint scans, like iris scans and voice recognition.

increased security biometric lock systems


Biometric lock systems increase convenience in managing the safety of your property because you don’t have to keep track of a physical key. While some biometric locks include an override that may involve a physical key, you’ll often just need to be present and have your fingerprint, iris, or face scanned. Your days of losing keys are finally over.

Difficult To Hack

As explained earlier, it isn’t easy to hack a security system that’s based on identifying specific physical traits. Additionally, removing the biometric lock doesn’t even make a difference as to whether or not an intruder can gain access to a place or item. Because it’s incredibly difficult to upload one’s own biometric data without going through the proper channels, the chances of this type of lock being hacked or broken are very low.

Cons of Biometric Lock Systems

Now that you understand three of the primary benefits of using biometric lock systems, it’s essential to understand why some people might be hesitant to use this security technology.

Varying Costs

Because of their advanced technological features, many biometric lock systems are expensive. Their costliness is one of the reasons why they are often found in large commercial businesses, airports, banks, and similar environments. If your heart is set on installing a biometric lock system, research the different kinds available and determine whether they are worth the price listed.

Privacy And Data Concerns

Because biometric locks collect information about your physical traits, there have been concerns raised about privacy and data. In public places that utilize these technologies, there are concerns about this technology being taken advantage of for surveillance purposes. Research how different biometric lock brands use your data and use that to determine if you still want to go for this upgrade.

False Acceptance And Rejection

Finally, there have been instances where a biometric lock may mistakenly grant access to the wrong people or reject access to authorized users. These issues can usually be resolved with troubleshooting and assistance from the user manual or even a locksmith.

Ask Our ASAP Locksmith Team About Installing Biometric Lock Systems!

The pros and cons of biometric lock systems are vast, but the ones discussed in this blog are particularly prominent. Whether you want to boost your home security or upgrade the security measures at your workplace, these benefits and drawbacks are worth pondering if installing a biometric lock system is on the table. If you are set on making this security upgrade, contact us at ASAP Locksmith about installing a biometric lock system, today.