In a city as big as Houston, it is essential to have easy access to the best locksmith service for your home or business. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, locksmiths ensure that your property remains as safe as can be, allowing you to go about your day worry-free. However, you might wind up in a situation where your property’s locks are vulnerable to potential trespassers. 

This could involve misplaced or stolen keys, a former employee failing to return their keys, or general worries about a rise in break-ins in your area. Understandably, your first instinct will probably be to have your locks replaced. Though this instinct is valid, there is a better way to ease your anxieties: rekeying services. 

The Importance Of Rekeying Services In Houston 

You have just learned that rekeying services are an advisable alternative to outright changing your locks. That said, you’re probably wondering why this service is important, what it involves, and when to use rekeying services instead of changing your locks. You will find the answers to those questions by continuing to read this blog: 

What Does It Mean To Rekey Locks? 

The first question you probably have is, “What exactly does it mean to rekey locks?” Rekeying refers to the process of taking apart a lock, accessing the lock cylinder, and changing the configuration of the pins. The pins inside a lock cylinder are arranged to recognize specific key shapes; by rekeying locks, you are reconfiguring which keys can be used to operate the locks. This service is available for residential and commercial properties but is not conventionally offered for vehicles since rekeying a car door lock requires detaching the lock from the car entirely. 

How Are Locks Rekeyed? 

Now that you know what it means to rekey locks, you might be curious about the specific steps in the rekeying process. You will need to obtain a rekeying kit with the appropriate tools, your old key, and the new key you plan to use for the lock being rekeyed. After using the old key to turn the door knob a quarter to the right, you will use the remover tool from your kit to detach the knob from the door.

This process involves pressing the remover tool to the clip that secures the door knob. Then, you will turn the key back a quarter in its original position, take it out of the lock in the knob, then extract the lock cylinder. To gain access to the inside of the lock cylinder, you will use a tool in the kit made to take the clip ring off the cylinder. After using a pusher device to take the key plug out of the cylinder’s key housing, you will use a tweezer or plier-esque tool to remove the old pins. Remember to keep the pins close. Now, you will place the new key inside the plug of the cylinder. 

Once the new key is in place, you will follow a guide provided by the kit to insert the new pins correctly, usually at the top. You’ll then keep the new key in the plug with the new pins and place it back inside the key housing component of the cylinder. Secure the newly rekeyed cylinder by reattaching the clip ring. Then, you’ll reattach the cylinder to the knob and the knob to the door. Test the lock to determine the success of the rekeying. 

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When Should Rekeying Services Be Sought? 

Finally, you would like to know when rekeying services should be sought instead of a lock replacement. Rekeying services make the most sense to consolidate the locks in your home so you don’t have to carry multiple keys anytime you move to a new place, and to ease your anxiety when you misplace your keys and are unable to find them. If your locks are damaged, or you are thinking of upgrading your locks entirely, changing your locks will make the most sense. 

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You now know all about the importance of rekeying services in Houston. This cost-effective alternative to changing locks is equally effective at ensuring your safety and security at home. If you’re trying to find the best rekeying services in Houston, look no further than our team at ASAP Locksmith Pros. Contact us today for our excellent locksmithing services.