What is a smart lock? This is a question we often receive at ASAP Locksmith, and there is a good reason; smart locks are gaining popularity as smart homes become more of a goal for many homeowners. Smart locks are a great way to increase your home’s safety and security while also maintaining or sometimes improving convenience.

ASAP Locksmith is a professional residential locksmith capable of helping homeowners upgrade to smart locks so that they can feel safer and automate their homes. If you are interested in smarts locks for your home, give us a call for an estimate. But first, we need to tell you what smart locks are and how they help you.

What is a smart lock?

smart lock is an advanced lock system for residential homes that connects to a WiFi network or Bluetooth device. Smart locks come with a secondary method of entry, such as a keypad or smartphone application. Their capabilities of connecting to other networks give residents the ability to unlock and lock the door anywhere.

Smart locks are different from the standard pin tumbler locks in that they cannot be manipulated using lockpicking and lock bumping methods. Smart locks are, well, smarter than that. They provide a higher level of security for homeowners as thieves and burglars cannot manipulate them.

As we mentioned earlier, smart locks are growing increasingly more popular as the smart home philosophy grows. The smart home philosophy is the process of making many of your home’s systems automated. This goes for the lighting, shades, temperature control, and of course, security. Now, some of these things are automated, such as temperature, but smart homes integrate all of these systems into one home assistant like Google or Alexa.

Popular Smart Lock Features

Smart locks offer a variety of different features homeowners can take advantage of. The most beneficial feature you can expect is the ability to connect to your internet or via Bluetooth. This capability allows you to unlock and lock your front door with your phone. Instead of digging around your purse or fumbling for the keys in your pocket, you can tap your phone to unlock your front door. This is the most notable feature of any smart lock. Modern keys have become obsolete as they can easily be lost or stolen. At that point, you are left locked out of your home until you contact a locksmith or a family member lets you in.

Another great feature your smart lock may feature is a keypad. Not every smart lock features a keypad, but they serve as a great feature for your home. If you do ever forget your phone or keys, you can use a simple code to let yourself back into the house. This is perfect as it removes the purpose of a key completely. There are no worries about your phone or a traditional key.

Other popular features you should consider in a smart lock include the following:

  • Two-way communication
  • Camera
  • Email and/or text notifications
  • Touchpad
  • Tamper alarm
  • Voice activation

As you can see, there are a lot of features to consider when it comes to smart locks for your home.

Stop Asking “What is a Smart Lock” and Call ASAP

ASAP Locksmith can assist you in determining which type of smart lock is right for your home. We assist various homeowners in finding the smart lock that meets their needs and suits their home. Give ASAP Locksmith a call today to learn more about our residential locksmith services. You can reach us by calling (832) 404-0102. You can also visit our residential locksmith page to learn more about what we have to offer your home.