High-security door locks are important investments for both homes and businesses that deserve your attention and protection. It is to your advantage to be cautious about your property’s security measures. After all, there are many people out there who would not hesitate to break in and steal your possessions and destroy your property. It’s sad but true. Burglary is one of the most common crimes in the United States. These criminals leave damage and destruction in their wake with no regard for the feelings of their victims. They also leave behind pain and stress. In ten minutes or less, you could be missing your precious family heirlooms, valuables, merchandise, and much more. So how do you protect yourself? High-security door locks are one way to ensure your property and possessions stay safe. 

Are High-Security Door Locks Really Important? 

Many people do not take security seriously. You may even have read the introduction paragraph and scoffed. You may be thinking that burglary doesn’t happen as often as we say or that the effects of this crime aren’t devastating. But the numbers speak for themselves. The FBI found that a break-in happens every 26 seconds in the United States. In addition, businesses and homeowners lose about $3.4 billion every year because of burglary. 

Those high-security door locks are looking awfully good now, aren’t they? It is important to take the potential of a burglary seriously. If not, you’ll likely regret it. 

What Makes High-Security Door Locks So Special? 

Now that you know the importance of investing in high-security door locks, perhaps you’re wondering what it is that makes these products so special. Well, we’ll tell you. High-security door locks are designed to resist tampering techniques like picking and bumping. Additionally, they are built to be able to withstand brute force like kick-ins. These products are created with high-quality materials and innovative designs to ensure peace of mind for homeowners and business owners. 

One of many types of high-security door locks in brushed black metal

Ratings For High-Security Door Locks 

Some locks may advertise themselves as high-security, but that doesn’t mean they are. Several entities are in charge of giving rates to locks. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Building Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA), and Underwriter Laboratories (UL) all create ratings and standards for high-security locks. When choosing a lock for your business or home, you’ll want to do your research to find products that are rated by these entities and have been found trustworthy. 

Costs of High-Security Locks 

Budget is always an important factor when choosing a security measure for your home or business. According to Consumer Reports, high-security locks may cost up to 10 times more than other similar products. You may end up paying $300 to $700 for high-end products. While you can find cheaper options, it is usually better to pay more and get quality locks that will last you a long time. However, you have to go with what you can afford. 

But Are High-Security Door Locks Really Worth It? 

You may feel nervous about purchasing high-security door locks now that you know how much they cost. We understand that the cost of these products may make you feel hesitant. If you’re wondering if purchasing a more expensive lock is really worth it, we have good news for you. These locks are more than worth it! Burglars are less likely to target properties that have high-security door locks. And even if they do, they often give up once they find that your security measures are not easily bypassed. These criminals look for quick, simple jobs. The harder you make it for them, the less attractive your property becomes. 

We Can Install High-Security Door Locks and More! 

Have you decided that high-security door locks are worth it? That’s wonderful news. We are happy that you are ready to increase the safety and security of your property. If you would like recommendations on the best brands for high-security door locks or have installation needs, you can contact our team for assistance. Reach out to ASAP Locksmith today for the best services in Houston!