As a driver, you know that keeping your car secure when it isn’t used is paramount. According to the FBI, carjacking crime went up by 8.1% in 2022 in the United States, with Texas being one of the ten states that saw an increase in this specific criminal activity. While you’re rooting for your favorite team at a sports stadium or seeing a show in downtown Houston, a car thief could be seizing the moment to break into and drive away with your vehicle. However, security technology is always evolving, making it more difficult for potential carjackers to succeed. Automotive biometric lock systems are the latest advancement in car security. 

Automotive Biometric Lock Systems: The Future Of Car Security

Thanks to automotive biometric lock systems, the possibilities are endless for security and efficiency. Continue reading to learn more about the specific biometric measures utilized for this system, how this technology will help, and some concerns about it. 

Fingerprint And Facial Scanning In Automotive Biometric Lock Systems

The two most common measures used for automotive biometric lock systems are fingerprint and facial recognition scanners. Most car fingerprint scanners are located on the front or back of a door handle. Your fingerprints are already encrypted into a database used by your car to verify your identity each time you unlock it. The car door will unlock automatically when it matches your fingerprint to the one stored in its database. 

Some cars that use fingerprint identification might include an additional scanner on the wheel, possibly followed by additional measures. The ignition system will be accessible upon passing these tests. There are some concept cars that suggest using a fingerprint scanner to start the ignition, too. 

Speaking of concept cars, Hyundai released one in 2018 that uses facial recognition technology. The facial scanning features of this vehicle allow the car to automatically change its settings to suit the preferences of the prospective driver, such as seat position. This technology also goes the extra mile by monitoring the driver’s facial expressions for any signs of fatigue and directing you to an area to rest, protecting you from potential accidents. 

automotive biometric lock systems fingerprint scan

The Benefits Of Automotive Biometric Lock Systems

Enhanced security is a benefit that automotive biometric lock systems share with all other forms of biometric security systems. No longer having to worry about keeping track of keys will make accessing your vehicle easier and more convenient than before.  Finally, this technology does more to restrict access to your car without proper and thorough authorization. 

automotive biometric lock systems no more keys

Concerns About Automotive Biometrics 

Understandably, there are two major concerns about biometric lock systems being used for cars. While this technology is hard to hack, the possibility of infiltration still concerns some people. More important, though, is the question of privacy. It is unclear whether or not the personal data given will be sold to other companies for marketing purposes. This concern is especially prevalent with biometric systems that use facial recognition technology. 

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