Double doors are commonly found in many residential and commercial buildings, especially when it comes to back entrances. On residential properties, these doors are often the boundary between your backyard and the inside of your home. While the backyard may not be the first point of entry a burglar might attempt to infiltrate, your back door is still just as vulnerable to a break-in. That is why today, you will learn how to lock double doors. 

What Are Double Doors? 

Before you can learn how to lock double doors, it’s important to understand what double doors are. It’s easy to mistake double doors for French doors. The main differences between double doors and French doors are that they are often made of one solid material, while French doors are mostly wood with glass windows. 

French doors are also usually smaller than double doors. Where materials are concerned, double doors can be made of anything from aluminum to tempered glass or even composite wood. While double doors are often associated with back entrances in residential buildings, they can also be seen as front entrances in commercial buildings. 

Important Parts Of Double Door Locks 

Now that you know what double doors are, let’s examine some important information about double door locks before you dive into how to lock double doors. You need to know two important parts of double door locks: the flush bolt and the leaf. A flush bolt is a latch mechanism that is installed on and secures a door’s inactive leaf. 

A leaf refers to the part of the door that opens and closes. While an active leaf is part of double doors with a latch, an inactive leaf is found on the side of double doors without a latch. For this reason, installing a flush bolt on an inactive leaf will add extra security to your double doors since the flush bolt keeps the inactive leaf in place. 

How To Lock Double Doors 

Now that you understand how a flush bolt keeps the inactive leaf of double doors secure, you are ready to learn how to lock double doors. 

how to lock double doors

1. Find And Install A Lockset

The first step involved in how to lock double doors is to find the best lockset for them. There are countless options to choose from for your lockset, but find one that will be easy to install and provide high security. Depending on the type of lockset you choose, you will follow those specific instructions to install it correctly. 

2. Install Flush Bolts

Before installing the flush bolts, you need to cut a strike hole in the inactive leaf so that they can be easily installed. After cutting the strike hole with the appropriate template, you’ll need to install the top and bottom blush bolts into the inactive leaf based on the instructions provided. After that, it’ll be time to install the strike plates for each bolt. 

3. Install Top And Bottom Strike Plates 

Starting with the top, you’ll next install the top strike plate in the door with the inactive leaf using a hammer and chisel. After screwing in the top strike plate, you’ll also proceed to install the bottom strike plate. 

4. Keep Flush Bolts Locked 

The inactive leaf with the flush bolts should only ever be unlocked if you’re moving large pieces of furniture through your home or commercial building. Otherwise, keep it locked at all times. That way, anytime you lock double doors, you only need to worry about securing the active leaf side, making locking up and securing your home or business easy and effective. 

Keep Your Double Doors In Shape With ASAP Locksmith!

Now that you know how to lock double doors, you’ll be able to keep your home or business even more secure than before. Of course, there will be times when you need extra help ensuring that your double doors are working properly. If you’re experiencing issues with your double doors, contact us so our locksmiths at ASAP Locksmith can get them back in shape.