Businesses are moving toward a more modern form of security known as keyless entry systems. As you can guess from their name, these systems require a different form of entry, such as a fingerprint, pin number, or card. Keys have many problems, such as the capability to be lost, stolen, or duplicated without your knowledge.

Furthermore, most keys are paired with pin tumbler locks. Pin tumbler locks are the most common lock in the world, but they are extremely malleable. Techniques such as picking and lock bumping can give a burglar access to your business in under a minute. That is why we encourage companies to upgrade to keyless entry systems with high-security locks. Here are the benefits you can expect from doing just that.

Improved Convenience

The convenience of keyless entry systems is unrivaled by any pin tumbler lock. Having the capability to type in a pin code or use your finger to access your business is so much easier than fumbling for your keys. Plus, if you ever lose your keys, you’ll have to worry about accessing your business. Keyless entry gets rid of that problem by requiring a quick scan of your finger or the input of a short number. Giving others access to your business, such as managers or supervisors, is also easy because you can provide them with access without copying a key. Input their user information into the system and have peace of mind.

Greater Level of Security

As aforementioned, pin tumbler locks do not provide the highest level of security. A keyless entry system is absent of security risks because there are no exposed lock cylinders. Malicious techniques like lock bumping and picking would be impossible to perform on such locks. By having control over the keyless entry system, you can manage users. If an employee leaves on bad terms, you can easily remove them from the system, so they don’t have access. Of course, you can also easily add new employees to the system instead of making a key for them.

Easy Integration

Businesses with access control systems will find a keyless entry is integrated with ease. Afterward, you can set parameters for individual employees and times of the day. There is a lot of customization with access control points. By restricting employees to specific areas, you are limiting where potential intruders could go. Minimizing harm to employees, customers, and the property is the main objective of access control points. Keyless access systems support that goal for all businesses.

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