We have already listed our most popular locksmith Houston services. So, we decided to list our most popular residential locksmith, Bellaire services. Bellaire, TX, is its own city surrounded by Houston city limits. The city has more than 10,000 residents and continues to use our residential locksmith services.

ASAP Locksmith Bellaire is happy to offer services to a vast array of people in the Greater Houston Area. When it comes to Bellaire, our team performs residential locksmith services very often in the area. All of our residential locksmith’s services are geared toward improving their home’s safety and security.

Here ate the three most popular residential locksmith Bellaire services:

1. Rekeying Locks

Rekeying locks is the process of changing the lock cylinders rather than the entire lock mechanism. This process is usually done when homeowners lose their house keys or the keys are stolen. Property owners may also rekey their locks because of evicted tenants. In either case, rekeying is a cheaper alternative to lock changes.

Even though the process is cheaper, it is just as safe. When changing your locks, the goal is to change the lock type or upgrade entirely. ASAP Locksmith Bellaire can perform the rekeying process for your current locks. You can also contact our team to learn more about the service for a free estimate.

2. Lock Changes or Installation

There are a lot of different types of locks you can install for your home. The most common lock used in the world is known as a pin tumbler lock. Even though these locks are used the most, they are not the best at keeping intruders out. Lockpicking and lock bumping methods can give thieves access to your home in just a few minutes. Additionally, they are not always the strongest against brute force attacks.

Well, ASAP Locksmith Bellaire is here to help you upgrade your locks to stronger versions. We assist residents with upgrading to high-security locks and smart lock solutions. These types of locks are significantly better at deterring potential intruders from your home. The benefits of smart locks and high-security locks are significantly greater than any other pin tumbler lock.

By upgrading your locks, you can increase security and convenience for your home. Smart locks include features to connect to wireless internet systems or via Bluetooth. This means you can lock and unlock your front door with your phone rather than with keys. Other access options include a keycode or a biometric scan. In either case, a smart lock or high-security lock is a great way to go.

3. Lock Repairs

In some cases, locks are more than enough to stop a potential thief in their tracks. However, your locks may have been significantly damaged from the attempt. On the other hand, your locks may just be old and are missing hardware. No matter what the reason is, ASAP Locksmith Bellaire can assist you in your lock repair needs.

There are common signs of when you may need lock repairs. One of the most common includes a loose lock. Locks that are loose in their place are often missing the hardware that is securing them to the door. A simple refastening of the lock should fix the issue. Other common issues include a damaged lock cylinder, rusted parts, and a key broken off in the lock.

Choose ASAP Locksmith Bellaire

If you are in need of residential locksmith Bellaire services, reach out to our team by calling (832) 404-0102. You can also learn more about our residential locksmith services on its respective page. ASAP Locksmith Bellaire is here to provide you with the safety and security your home needs.