Are you a forgetful person? Do you often forget to take out the trash or constantly lose track of your belongings? Well, you might also have difficulty keeping track of your mailbox keys. Even if you aren’t a forgetful person, losing your keys is bound to happen at some point. They can get misplaced, become stolen, or fall out of your pockets.

However, you won’t have to worry about this happening any longer when you learn how to prevent losing your mailbox key. In this blog, we will show you some tips so you can keep track of your keys and open your mailbox whenever you need. Continue reading to ensure your mailbox keys remain protected.

Ways To Prevent Losing Your Mailbox Key

It’s important to take action whether you only lost your mailbox key or your entire keychain, holding your house keys, work keys, and more. The best way to do this is with the tips below.

Use A Tracker

Technology has many great benefits. It makes our everyday lives much more convenient, and one of the ways it accomplishes this is by keeping track of your keys. There are tracking devices you can add to your keychain to keep you aware of where your keys are at all times.

Tracking devices are easy to come by, especially with the various ones on the market. A Tile Mate, for example, is one of the best trackers you can find. This tracker has Bluetooth connectivity, is water-resistant, inexpensive, and has a 400-foot range, making finding your keys as easy and quick as possible.

Make A Habit Of Your Key Placement

Another way to prevent losing your mailbox key is by getting in the habit of putting them in the same place. To make this easier, you should find the perfect holder for your keys. You could go with the classic key bowl or even a key rack.  You could also use a key cabinet if you have multiple keys. This is ideal if you need to label your keys one by one. It’s best to keep your key holder by the entryway for easy access when coming and going.

Personalize Your Keychain

Walking around with a bland keychain just makes it easier for them to be lost forever. There are no distinguishable features to your keychain, which makes finding them more difficult than it should be. For this reason, you should add some personality to your keychain. 

You can add more personality to your keychain by giving it a splash of color, whether this is with a decorative item or something that showcases who you are. This will make your keys more noticeable if lost in plain sight.

Secure Your Key When Out

Keys can easily be swiped or clumsily lost when filing through a purse or pocket. Securing your key when you’re out and about is another great way to prevent your mailbox key from getting lost. To prevent them from accidentally falling out of your pocket, put your keys in pockets with zippers. For the ladies, putting your keys in a smaller purse will eliminate the need to dig through your bag in search of something.

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Call ASAP Locksmith

You will finally be prepared for any mishaps or theft with the tips above. All your keys, including your mailbox key, will remain secure and by your side at all times. However, if you do happen to have any key issues, contact ASAP Locksmith to assist you. We offer many helpful services from lock rekeying to key duplication. So you can rest easy knowing your keys are in the right hands.