Smart locks are growing amenities in today’s world. Not only do they increase the safety and security of your home, but they also integrate well with those moving toward automated homes. Also known as smart homes, home automation is a growing industry. Companies such as Google are paving the way in making as many home functions as automatic and touchless as possible.

For example, homeowners can install smart bulbs in their light fixtures to control them via voice assistants. Security is another feature that is making the switch to home automation. Many smart locks have Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities, allowing them to pair with Alexa or Google devices. In addition to these features, they often include other traits that make upgrading extremely desirable.

Smartphone Capability

Most smart locks have phone capabilities, but not all. Be sure to install a smart lock that can be unlocked from your phone. That way, you don’t always need a house key on you. We almost always have our smartphones on us, which makes getting access to our homes easy. At the same time, smart locks typically send notifications to your phone when another user has unlocked the door or when a guest is a the door. This feature is a must-have because of the convenience it provides.


Some smart locks feature cameras to increase the level of security of your home. Instead of having a camera and a high-security lock separate, you can have both with the right smart lock brand. Instead of opening the door to see who is knocking, turn your smart lock’s camera on. This helps you and your loved ones stay safe when answering the door with strangers.

Additional Entry Option

Your phone is most likely going to be your primary way of entering your home after installing a smart lock. What happens when your phone is dead? What if you lose your phone? Well, you need an additional entry option for your smart lock. There is a wide range of entry options for smart locks.

Many popular options include keypads or a key. The key option is unlike a standard key for a pin tumbler lock. Instead, it is a more advanced key that is less likely to be manipulated. Another option you could go to is a biometric lock. Biometric locks are more expensive because of the technology behind them, but they offer a higher level of security for your home.

Install Smart Locks Today

You can’t go wrong by upgrading to smart locks. ASAP Locksmith can help determine which type of lock and features are best suited for your home. Give us a call today or visit our residential locksmith page for more details. Regardless, we can start the process of improving your home’s security today!